A19) Once a supporter donates a cup or even a bag of coffee to the troops, what happens at that point?

The moment a cup or bag of coffee is paid for (donated) through the Cleft website, this cup or bag(s) of coffee are added to our inventory of coffee that’s ready to be roasted when a location has need.  The Cleft and the USO remain in contact and when the USO has need in a specific location, we fresh roast the coffee and ship to that location.  At this point, once we ship the coffee to the USO location, we deduct that amount of coffee from our “database inventory.”  We have a constant influx of donations adding to the inventory with the constant deduction to this number when coffee is roasted and sent to the troops.  Our extensive accounting and reporting monitors this process down to the cup.  It is our goal to always have inventory accruing so we’ll always be able to send coffee when there is request for our troops.

A18) Where is the coffee sent after it’s been donated?

Cleft Coffee has a strategic partnership with the USO (United Service Organization).  We work with the USO and distribute Cleft Coffee to our troops through USO locations, whether that be on a navy ship, a foreign base or in USO facilities across our nation.

-How does OSTL raise funds for our partner organizations?

Every individual or organization that partners with the Cleft is given the opportunity to raise funds for their organization by sharing with their network of supporters about Operation Share the Love.  For every cup or every pound of coffee that’s donated through your network, a portion of the price is retained for the partner organization.  $0.30 cents per cup or $3.00 per bag are raised for our partner organization who generates the donation at retail price.

A16) What is “Operation Share the Love?”

“Operation Share the Love” is a program Cleft Coffee launched in 2010 to send fresh roasted coffees to our troops serving our country.  We have such a heartbeat for the men and women who serve our county.  The challenges they face are life-altering and the sacrifices are unbelievable.  These are realities that we cant change.  But, we can do the best we can do love on them in the midst of these realities.  As a company who uses fresh roasted coffee to impact peoples lives, we want to use our coffee to love on the men and women serving our country.  We’ve continued to expand this program and open up more opportunity for our partner organizations to help us collect these donations for the troops.  Everything we do is designed to be a win/win situation for everyone involved.  Operation Share the Love has become a tremendous fund-raising opportunity for our partner organizations as every cup or bag(s) of coffee that our partner has donated through their supporter also raises funds for our partner organization.  This is a beautiful thing!

We have multiple pages on our website that shares more about Operation Share the Love.

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