Decaf Coffee

French Roast

"Magnifique - This one is special... smoky and chocolaty with a hint of the true coffee flavor intact... mais oui!"

Infuso-Southern Italian Style

“SOUTHERN ITALIAN STYLE” Bold flavors of semisweet chocolate and wisps of smoke that meld into a sultry smooth finish. Pairs beautifully with milk in a traditional cappuccino.

Espresso Nueva FTO

“AUTHENTIC” Creates a luxuriously thick crema with flavors of chocolate and sweet fruit. Pairs perfectly with milk.

Breakfast Blend

“GOOD MORNING!” Smooth and rich medium roast coffees spiked with our French Roast to kick start your day.

Scandinavian Blend

"Coffee is deeply woven into Scandinavian culture. We honor this tradition with a blend that is rich in flavor yet smooth and sweet enough to sip all day long."

Vanilla Cream PB

"Our special high grown Arabica coffee blended with the sweet, smooth aroma and flavor of vanilla."

Highlander Grog

"Festive" Packed so full of sweet flavor and fun-it’s a party in a cup.

Irish Cream PB

“FEELING LUCKY?” You just can’t help it with this spirited coffee in your cup.

Southern Pecan PB

"Hospitality" The rich inviting aroma of roasted pecans melded with the flavor of fine coffee, warmly welcome the day.

French Vanilla PB

"Tantalizing vanilla aroma draws you near. The notes of fresh roasted coffee appear as you pour the first cup, marvel at the perfection as you savor each sip."

White Chocolate Raspberry

“SILKY” Let the layers of smooth, sweet flavor reveal themselves as you savor each sip.

Butter Rum

“A TREAT” When you need a little something to warm (and pick) you up.

Cinnamon Sticky Bun

“STRAIGHT FROM THE OVEN” Sweet, gooey icing drips off hot, buttery pastry, sending the aroma of cinnamon and fine Arabica coffee wafting through the air.

Creme Brule

"Savor the taste and aroma of this rich, classic dessert without the calories."

German Chocolate PB

"Let the aroma of a plate of warm homemade brownies and a full cup of fine Arabica coffee warm your day."

Hazelnut PB

"The timeless pairing of toasted hazelnuts and our delicious high grown Arabica coffee."

Caramel PB

"Candy, just like you remember. Creamy and sweet with notes of vanilla and butterscotch."

Chocolate Hazelnut PB

"Timeless Northern Italian dessert flavors(“Gianduia” in Italian) meld perfectly with the rich, smooth taste of fine Arabica coffee."

Pralines & Cream

"Remember standing at the ice cream counter anxiously waiting for the cone to appear? You can experience it again and again with our fine Arabica coffee."

Pumpkin Spice PB

"Cornucopia" Vibrant fall colors, children playing in a leaf pile and the aroma and flavor of a perfectly spiced, creamy pumpkin pie.

Vanilla Almond

"The taste and aroma of creamy vanilla with a touch of toasted almonds enhances our already delicious pure Arabica coffee."

Swiss Chocolate Almond

"Velvet" Our rich, smooth Arabica coffee infused with the flavor and aroma of toasted almonds wrapped in velvety chocolate.

Candy Cane

The perfect coffee for Christmas. The soothing aroma of coffee wrapped with mint. Ahhhh... bring on the snow!

Chocolate Covered Cherry

Two flavors that were meant to be together. Now, you can indulge without the calories. Dessert just got better!